The Software Practices Laboratory (SPLab) is a research group devoted to the investigation and development of well-founded theory, methods, techniques and tools targeted at the practice of Software Engineering. The laboratory, previously named Formal Methods Group and Petri Nets Group, was founded in 1994. Since then a number of research projects have been conducted in cooperation with academic and industrial partners. The main research areas currently investigated are:

  • Formal Methods
  • Model-Driven Development
  • Software Engineering Education
  • Software Evolution
  • Software Productivity
  • Verification, Validation and Testing

Current Partnerships and Research Agency Funding

  • National Institute of Science and Technology for Software Engineering (INES)
  • Brazilian Research Council (CNPq)
  • Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education (CAPES)

Projects Under Development

  • Unified Compiler Language - UCL
  • Impact Analyser on Model Transformations
  • Combining Reduction, Prioritization and Fault Localization for Specification-based Test Case Selection
  • Reliability and Safety of Critical Embedded Software
  • Developing Methodology, Techniques and Tools for Software Engineering of Digital TV Interactive Applications
  • Synchronized Refactoring of Programs Annotated with Formal Specifications
  • Program Refactoring for Data Structure Migration
  • Advanced Studies in Programming Learning

Tools Under Development

  • Model-driven Built-In contract Testing - MoBIT
  • SYmbolic Model-Based test case generation toOL for Real-Time systems - SYMBOLRT
  • Real Time Embedded Systems Testing Execution - RealTimePCO
  • JUnit Test Case Prioritization - PriorJ
  • Web Services for Model-Driven Architecture - WSMDA